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Types of ticket

Types of ticket
Ticket Type Price Note
Opening Ceremony + Opening Film KRW 20,000 Online-Purchase
Closing Ceremony + Closing Film KRW 6,000 Online/Offline-Purchase
Feature Film / Special Talk KRW 6,000 Infant 4,000 KRW (Age 5~7)
Child 5,000 KRW (Age 8~13)
Short Film KRW 4,000
Free (Only Online Film)
Master Class KRW 8,000 Free(ONLY for those aged 13 and below)
Event(puppetshow) KRW 3,000 Ticket discount does not apply for ages 3 or more
Group Purchase Group of 20 or more : 5,000 KRW (Adult)
Group of 20 or more : 6,000 KRW (Master Class)
Group of 15 or more (ONLY for those aged 13 and below 3,000 KRW)
  • Each infant or child ticket includes 1 parent admission (For two – 50% Discount, with evidence document).
  • Free Ticket for Currently pregnant visitors.
  • Free VR screening and entrance for all exhibitions.
  • Purchases KRW 10,000 or more in the store where guest coupon is available, 50% discount when purchasing admission tickets (with a receipt, no for group ticketing).
  • BIAF2020 ticket holders can get a 50% discount when purchasing admission tickets for the Korea Manhwa Museum.
  • Only one price-reduction category can be applied to each ticket.
  • People with disabilities, persons of distinguished service to the state, and seniors (over the age of 65) can purchase tickets at a discounted price (4,000 KRW for each ticket, discount not available for the opening ceremony).
  • Tickets are required to watch Bucheon Philharmonic Orchestra and Talk! Talk! Meet the Voice.
  • Each child ticket includes one parent admission for Mishmash Traditional Fairy Tale (One-act play) on the weekend.
  • One-day Pass (10,000 KRW), Three-day Pass (30,000 KRW), and Five-day Pass (50,000 KRW) available.
  • Passes can be used for general screenings and Master Classes, etc.
  • Passes not applicable to Opening Ceremony/ Passes can be used for Closing Ceremony (Need to issue a ticket in advance).
  • Online ticket purchase not available, Passes can be used only at the box office.

Ticket Purchase

  • BIAF Web Site
  • Online Oct. 9(Thu) 10:00 ~ Oct. 22(Tue) 15:00
  • On-Site Oct. 18(Fri) ~ Oct. 22(Tue)

Tickets and Tour Information

Tickets and Tour Information
Korea Manhwa Museum CGV Bucheon Bucheon City Hall
Location 1F, Korea Manhwa Museum 5F, CGV Bucheon 1F, Bucheon City Hall
Period On-Site : Oct. 18(Fri) ~ Oct. 22(Tue)
Online : Oct. 9(Tue) 10:00 ~ Oct. 22(Tue) 15:00
Time 9:30 ~ 20:30
Payment Credit Card, Chah, Invitation, Badge
(Gift vouchers and other means of payment will not be taken)
How to Purchase Tickets are available at all ticket booths
Gift voucher
  • You can reserve tickets on the screening day or one day before the screening day at ticket booths.
  • You can reserve two tickets with one gift voucher.
ID Card
  • You can reserve tickets on the screening day or one day before the screening day at ticket booths.
  • Only one ticket per film can be reserved and you can reserve up to the maximum number of 3 tickets per day.
  • You cannot reserve tickets for more than one film showing at the same time.
  • Ticket booths are open from 9:30 to 19:00 on the first day (Oct. 18(Fri)) and from 9:30 to 18:00 on the last day (Oct. 22(Tue))

Cancellation and Refund / Notice

Cancellation and Refund / Notice
Cancellation Cancellation is available 1 hour before the screening
Cancellation Fee No cancellation fee
  • Tickets already issued can be cancelled only at a ticket booth and the ticket must be presented at the time of cancellation.
  • Partial cancellation is not allowed. If you wish to make a partial cancellation, you must cancel the ticketing and make a new purchase.
  • When a screening is cancelled, we provide a full refund at ticket booths during the festival period. The ticket must be presented at ticket booths.
  • The ticket is available on the day and the time indicated on the ticket. If your ticket is lost or damaged, the ticket will not be reissued.
  • You can purchase or issue the ticket until 5 minutes before the screening.
  • The screening will start on time, admittance 10 minutes before the start of screening is advised.
  • Food is not allowed into the cinema (Beverages with lids are available).
    ※ Only water is allowed in the Fantastic Cube.
  • Photography (mobile phones, cameras and other recording devices) and video recordings are strictly prohibited during screenings.
  • Ticket holders will be admitted to screenings in accordance with the film rating.