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COVID-19 Prevention Guidelines

Mandatory Wearing of Masks and Temperature Checks
  • You are not allowed to enter the venue without wearing a mask.
  • You are advised to wear your mask during the film screening.
  • You may be denied entry or ticket purchase if you refuse to have your temperature taken.
  • Your entry may be denied if you have been overseas or contacted anyone who has been overseas within 28 days, or if your temperature is over 37.5 degrees Celsius.
  • Contact the KCDC call center (1339; or area code+120) or your local health center if your fever or illness becomes severe.
  • Follow the directions of disease prevention professionals on how to proceed.
Social Distancing
  • Keep a safe distance of 2 meters (minimum 1 meter) from others.
  • Do not switch seats during the film screening.
  • Cough or sneeze into your sleeve so that your mouth and nose are covered.
  • Wash your hands frequently for at least 30 seconds with soap under running water.
  • Sanitize your hands with hand sanitizer at the entrance before entering the venue.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.

Type of Admission Tickets and Benefits

Type of Admission Tickets and Benefits
Category Price Note
Opening Film 7,000 KRW Online Reservation
Feature Film/Master Class/Making Of 7,000 KRW Children (Age 5~13) 4,000 KRW
Special Talk 10,000 KRW
Short Film 4,000 KRW
Special Program
3,000 KRW Applied from Age 3
Group Admission 15 or more, 5,000 KRW
(Feature Film, Special Talk, Master Class)
Children (Age 5~13)
15 or more
(Children (Age 5~13) 3,000 KRW)
BIAF Holic 15,000 KRW
(2 Film Tickets + BIAF Goods)
  • Box office purchase only
  • Limited to General Screening (Feature Film, Short Film) and Special Talk, Master Class
  • Online/Phone reservation not available; on-site purchase only
  • 2,000 KRW discount for Bucheon residents (Excluding Opening Ceremony + Opening Film) / Identification required
    • - Discount available only for on-site reservations, not applicable for online reservations
  • Those with birthdays on the 23rd of the month will receive a 1 + 1 (extra) ticket in celebration of the festival’s 22nd anniversary
  • 50% discount for families with children (2 or more) / Bring verification documents such as a medical insurance card (only available on-site)
  • Free admission for expecting mothers
  • 50% discount for users of Guest Coupon Shop (Must present receipt)
    • ☞ Group discount not applicable
  • Free admission to VR Screening / Exhibition
  • Limited to 1 discount per transaction
  • 3,000 KRW for people with disabilities, veterans and seniors (Age 65 or older)
    • - Discount not applicable for Opening Ceremony
  • [BIAF Holic] Notices
    • - Online reservation not available; on-site purchase only
    • - Excludes Opening Ceremony

Ticket Purchase and Screening Information

Ticket Purchase and Screening Information
Category Korean Manhwa Museum CGV Bucheon
Venue Korean Manhwa Museum
External Box Office
6FL Box Office
Period On-Site Reservation: 10.22 (Fri) ~ 10.26 (Tue)
Online Reservation: 10.14 (Tue) 14:00 ~ 10.26 (Tue) 14:00
※ Reservation schedule can be changed to 'COVID-19'.
Hours 9:30 ~ 20:30
(Deadline can be adjusted depending on the film schedule.)
Payment Credit card, cash (KRW), complimentary tickets, badge (ID)
Other payment methods (culture/book vouchers, etc.) are not accepted.
How to Purchase Same-day tickets can be purchased at the box office and reservations can be made throughout the festival period.
Complimentary Tickets Exchange for same-day or next-day screening admission tickets at on-site box office
(Exchange for 2 admission tickets per complimentary ticket)
Badge (ID)
  • Tickets are issued at the on-site box office for same-day and next-day General Screenings.
    (Limited to 1 ticket per time or a total of 3 per day per person. Duplicate ticketing of screenings with the same schedule is not allowed.)
  • Badge Desk Hours: 10.22 (Fri) ~ 10. 25 (Mon) [09:30 ~ 19:30]
    10.26 (Tue) [09:30 ~ 14:00]

Cancellations/Refunds and Notices

Cancellation and Refund / Notice
Period Until 1 hour prior to the start of the film screening
Cancellation Fee No fee
  • Issued tickets can only be canceled at the box office, and purchased ticket must be presented.
  • Partial cancellations are not available. Entire transaction must be canceled and a new reservation made.
  • In case of cancellation/change of screening due to unforeseen circumstances, tickets will be refunded 100% at the BIAF box office until the Closing Ceremony.
  • Admission tickets must be used at the printed date and time and cannot be reimbursed in case of loss or damage.
  • Tickets are issued until 5 minutes before screening.
  • Screenings will start on time (Please arrive 10 minutes prior to screening).
  • No food or beverages allowed in the theater (Drinks with lids allowed).
  • Masks must be worn when purchasing tickets.
  • Adjacent seats cannot be purchased.
  • Photography and filming (cameras, phones, etc.) during screening are strictly prohibited.
  • Film age ratings must be observed strictly.

BIAF Holic

Period: 2021 10.22 (Fri) ~ 10.26 (Tue) during box office hours
Price: 15,000 KRW
Package: 2 BIAF Film Tickets + Ticket Holder + BIAF Goods
  • Limited to 1 film ticket purchase per person
  • Limited to General Screening (Feature Film, Short Film) ticket purchase
  • Purchase and use during the festival period (credit cards, cash)
  • On-site purchase only (advance purchase, online/phone reservation unavailable)