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Chicken for Linda!
  • France, Italy
  • 2023
  • 76 min
  • Korean Premiere
  • G


Chicken for Linda!
Code Date Time Theater Ticket Reservation
111 2023-10-20 14:00 ~ 15:16 CB5 Ticket Reservation
315 2023-10-22 12:30 ~ 13:46 CB5 Ticket Reservation


No, Linda didn’t take her mom’s ring! She didn’t deserve to be punished! How unfair…! And now, Linda’s mom Paulette will do anything to make it up to her daughter–even if that means making chicken with peppers, despite not knowing how to cook! But how are you supposed to buy a chicken during a general strike?From henhouse to watermelon truck, trigger-happy police to allergic trucker, grandma to floodwaters, Paulette and her daughter embark on a quest to find chicken, picking up “Linda’s gang” on the way and, eventually, the entire neighborhood. Unbeknownst to Linda, the delicious chicken dish that her father used to make is the key to her lost memory… By the way, does anyone know how to butcher a live chicken?


Sébastien LAUDENBACH, Chiara MALTA