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47 Denis Do Designs the 2019 BIAF Poster. 2019-04-19 08:49

The 21st Bucheon International Animation Festival 18-22 OCT, 2019 (BIAF2019) has announced the official poster created by Denis Do, the director of BIAF 2018 Jury Prize-winning feature Funan. 


A graduate of acclaimed French animation school Gobelins, Denis has earned several prestigious awards Annecy2018 Cristal, and the Grand Prize and Audience Award from Animation Is Film Festival in L.A.


I wanted to link the female martial artist to the nature through the iconic sculpture. Because martial arts are so deeply anchored in our asian cultures, it is a way to remind our cultural and spiritual legacy, our peaceful mind. Also, the female protagonist is designed with muscles and strong shapes...We don't often show such character. Not sensual, not sexy, only a strong body and a strong mind. I wanted to take the opportunity and I thought it would be relevant for an asian animation film festival to highlight colors and culture of an asian country (not very known one). Also, to make a short film with ambitions, not something to simple.

-Denis Do-

Denis Do will also participate in the BIAF2019 as part of the feature film competition jury.

An Academy Award® qualifying festival, BIAF2019 is scheduled to run October 18-22. Bucheon, South Korea.