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51 BIAF2019 Official Trailer Unveiled! A Female Warrior and Lion Sculptures... 2019-07-10 09:02

BIAF2019 Official Trailer Unveiled!

A Female Warrior and Lion Sculptures Emphasizes Spiritual Relationship in Khmer Style



The 21st Bucheon International Animation Festival (BIAF2019) has unveiled its official trailer, A Female Warrior and Lion Sculptures.


The official trailer for BIAF2019 is created by Denis Do, the director of Funan (2018), which won the Cristal for a feature film at 2018 Annecy International Animation Film Festival. Denis Do has become an emerging star filmmaker of Europe as his film Funan won Special Mention in feature&Audience Award at Animafest Zagreb in June 2019 and as his next feature project, Sorya, won Ciclic Prize, the grand prize for pitching at Annecy in 2019.


“I have always admired a female character who practices bokator, a Khmer martial art,” said Denis Do. “Though the stage in the film is very limited as it is a teaser, I wanted to show an alternation of double-sided, ambivalent concepts: being active and being powerless; an organic matter and inorganic matter; and the finiteness and infiniteness of time. These contrasting ideas conflict each other to form a new harmony,” Do added.


The trailer for BIAF2019 is on Youtube (

Denis Do, the creator of the festival’s official poster and trailer, visits BIAF2019 as a jury for feature competition.


BIAF2019 is held from Oct. 18 (Friday) until Oct. 22 (Tuesday).