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33 Sunao Katabuchi designs the 2018 BIAF Poster. 2018-04-19 09:03

Sunao Katabuchi designs the 2018 BIAF Poster. 

The poster of the 20th Bucheon International Animation Festival (19-23 OCT), Motivated from Sunao Katabuchi’s “In This Corner of the World” (2016), Grand Prize winning film in feature at the latest edition of BIAF.


© 2018 KUROBURUE. Sunao Katabuchi & Chie Uratani.


The 20th poster of BIAF is designed by personification of little white rabbits, one of the important scenes in BIAF2017 Grand Prize winning feature film “In This Corner of the World”. Little white rabbits, which also appear in the trailer, come to life from animator’s touch, race over the film with a seagull until they leap out to the world outside the film.


Director Statement
When I make animations I always think that we, the screenwriters, can only 'create the brightness and darkness of the screen, and coat them with sounds.' That’s all…
It is inside the mind of audience where this screen is then completed into an actual ‘film’.
To express my artistic view into a visible figure, I drew a character that jumps out from the completed screen and walks into someone’s mind. -Sunao Katabuchi-


Bucheon International Animation Festival, the status of the Academy Award® qualifying film festival, takes place 19-23 October 2018 (Bucheon, South Korea). ​