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BIAF2022 International Competition Selection Committee

  • RHEE SouewonProfessor & Film CriticSouth Korea

    RHEE SouewonProfessor & Film CriticSouth Korea
    RHEE worked as a World Cinema programmer in charge of selecting non-Asian films on the selection committee of the Busan International Film Festival for more than a decade. She served as a jury and panel member for the Locarno Film Festival, the Jerusalem Film Festival, the Malatya International Film Festival, the Francophonie Film Festival, and others. She is also a FIPRESCI film critic. She wrote Eternal Cities of Romance: A Mediterranean Travel through Films and translated Sensode Luchino Visconti-étude critique, Ballaciner, and A Short History of Cahiers Du Cinema.
  • JANG NariDirectorSouth Korea

    JANG NariDirectorSouth Korea
    JANG graduated with a BA (2012) and an MA (2016) in Animation from the Korea National University of Arts. She co-directed Twinkling (2011) and directed Home Sweet Home (2012) and My Father’s Room (2016), the latter of which won the Best Student Short Film Prize at BIAF2016. My Father’s Room also won awards at the Brussels Animation Film Festival and the World Festival of Animated Film Zagreb. Her animated short films include I’m Sorry I’m Pathetic (2017) and The Black Crocodile (2017), which was selected in the Korean Shorts section at BIAF2018. Her animated short film, Salvia At Nine (2020), won the double at BIAF 2020, and was selected for shorts competition at Animafest Zagreb 2021. It also won the grand prize for the short film at Hiroshima animation season 2022 this August.
  • HWANG HyunsungMusician/ComposerSouth Korea

    HWANG HyunsungMusician/ComposerSouth Korea
    He is well known as the drummer of the rock band ‘No Brain’. His work of music is not limited in the rock band genre. He also expanded his music career into TV animation, games and films as a music director and a composer. From 2017, he is also actively working as a singer with a name of DOLLY. His experience in various animations such as Cloud Bread, The Paper Boy, Belongings and Dust Discrimination makes us look forward to meeting the selected awardee at the COCOMICS Music Prize.
  • Eugene KIMBIAF Program DirectorSouth Korea

    Eugene KIMBIAF Program DirectorSouth Korea
  • LEE EunhwaBIAF ProgrammerSouth Korea

    LEE EunhwaBIAF ProgrammerSouth Korea