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The Story of Mr. Sorry
  • South Korea
  • 2008
  • 64'0"
  • 15


Code Date Time Theater Ticket Reservation
105 2021-10-22 19:00 ~ 20:04 CB3 Ticket Reservation


At a TV station, an outrageous show is going dealing with something unheard of in the history of TV. The show is questioning viewers on whether or not a spider should be publicly executed. Apparently, the spider was arrested on charges of driving CHOI Go-bong, a current member of the National Assembly, crazy. The spider in question is Je Bul-chal, an ear-cleaner taking care of people’s earwax. He was once an honest young man and chose his job because he valued his memories of his now separated sister. But with his boss repeatedly scolding him and customers looking down on him, he became weaker and smaller by the day and ended up becoming so small that he can crawl into ears. One day, he cleans out the ears of a shaman named PAENG Seon-nyeo and gains fame for his skills. He is tired from overworking, but enjoys his work since he can take a peep at people’s memories when he goes into their ears. By chance, he discovers a shocking memory inside CHOI Go-bong’s ears about himself and the si


KWAK Inkeun, KIM Ilhyun, RYU Jina, LEE Eunmi, LEE Haeyoung