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BIAF 2023Job Seminar

The BIAF2023 Job Seminar is a program that trains animation-related experts and promotes employment through lectures on trends in response to technological changes and skills to reach domestic and foreign employment in animation and related fields.

Event Overview


기간, 장소, 프로그램으로 구성된 표

Date/Time 2023. Oct. 21(Sat) 16:00 ~ 18:30
Venue Seminar room on the 5th floor, Korea Manhwa Contents Agency
Program Domestic and foreign employment skills lectures


Mickael Coedel

Industrial Light & Magic Senior/Lead Animator




시간, 구성, 강연 제목으로 구성된 표

Time Section Content
16:00~16:40 section1 Mickael Coedel career path
16:50~17:30 section2 Industrial Light and Magic pipe line and process
17:40~18:30 section3 Different approaches to motion capture depending on film type and scene

All sessions are conducted offline