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Master Class: The Philosophy of Benjamin LEGRAND

Benjamin LEGRAND is the author of Snowpiercer, the eponymous novel of which BONG Joonho directed the film version. LEGRAND also came up with the original idea for April and the Extraordinary World (2015), which was the opening film of BIAF2015. LEGRAND started his film career as an assistant director with French New Wave directors such as Jacques DEMY, Christopher MILES, and Jacques RIVETTE. Because his older brother Michel LEGRAND was a renowned French composer who won three Oscars, Benjamin to become a writer. He created Cockroach Killer with the French comic artist Jacques TARDI, as well as Requiem Blanc, and Le Tribut (republished in France), and Snowpiercer: Vol. 2 with Jean-Marc ROCHETTE. LEGRAND also collaborated with Philippe DRUILET, who influenced the movie Alien (1979), to create Lone Sloane: Delirius Vol. 2. In addition, LEGRAND also made Luc BESSON’s film The Extraordinary Adventures of Adele Blanc-Sec (2010) into a novel.

This Master Class explores the Sci-fi world view and cinematic philosophy of Benjamin LEGRAND, the recipient of BIAF2020 Honorary Award.